How to Design a Home That Feels Like a Luxury Resort

Do you want your home to feel like a luxury resort where you can relax and rewind? We have got you covered!

Below is a list of six ways to make the ambiance of your home seem extravagant. Lots of these features are in other luxury mountain home plans, so you can be confident that these implementations will be practical and beautiful.

Keep on reading and consider which design features will fit best in your home!

1. Purchase Quality Bedding

There is nothing quite like going to bed at a luxury resort and falling onto crisp, white bedding that is comfortable and lavish.

If you want to feel this sense of relaxation and contentment at home, purchase quality bedding material that will vamp up your sleeping experience.

2. Implement Neutral Colors

You rarely ever see bright and distracting colors at a luxury resort. This tactic is not a coincidence.

Bright or dark colors can cause negative moods for those living in the space. Resorts implement neutral color schemes to avoid negative mood changes in guests since the colors encourage serenity and peace.

The neutral color scheme is in every aspect of their rooms: the furniture, walls, art, and flooring. Transform your home with neutral colors to feel these positive moods as well.

To do this effectively, create an initial neutral color palette you like, and choose home features accordingly.

3. Declutter the Space 

A luxury resort typically has spacious rooms with minimalist aesthetics. This type of aesthetic is also commonly found in luxury mountain home plans.

This decluttered space can help you rest better and feel clear-minded. In light of this, declutter your space – specifically your bedroom and living room – to create a luxury resort in your home.

4. Add Unique Light Features

Unique light fixtures, commonly found in a luxury mountain home, can increase design aesthetics and improve the functionality of the space. For increased aesthetics, the light fixtures should have a warm, relaxing glow instead of the harsh average white light.

Additionally, these features should be functional. Examples include dimmer switches and accent lighting in important relaxation areas like the bedroom and bathroom.

5. Create a Bathroom Oasis

A bathroom oasis is a sort of staple item for a luxury resort. With this feature considered, you must invest in this space at your home and cater to your wants and needs.

These features include calm music, soothing smells, fancy toiletries, and quality towels and bathrobes.

6. Add Design Rugs

A rug can help add luxury to your home and creates opportunities for personalization. The rug style you decide to add to your home is a personal preference.

With this said, luxury resorts typically place textured and patterned rugs in a living space to add dimension. Plus, the resorts add neutral, cozy rugs in bedroom spaces for comfort.

Be creative with this feature and see which style fits best in your home.

Final Thoughts on Designing a Luxury Home 

Review this list above and consider which design features would best implement into your home to create a luxury resort!

If you need additional guidance, don’t hesitate to contact Lyndon Steinmetz Design Studio for professional advice and direction!