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Have you always dreamed of a home in the mountains? There is a way to make it happen. Think about what you want to achieve and remember: If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

In Kalispell, MT, Lyndon Steinmetz Design Studio, LLC is the go-to building designer firm that people come to in order to create their perfect vacation or dream home. We’ve been featured in major media, including “Montana Living” and other publications on the regional and national level. The artistic, unique residential design work of Lyndon Steinmetz Design Studio is noteworthy and has gotten the attention of a lot of professionals in the design industry.

Vacation Home in the Mountains

If you want a beautiful vacation home in the mountains, visit the Lyndon Steinmetz Design Studio located in Kalispell, Montana. We love nature and beauty and we know that excellent home design is all about bringing the beauty of the external environment indoors. By listening carefully to what the client wants, we can produce the results you want at a reasonable cost.

If you are interested in a professional residential design or building designer in the Northwest Montana area, Lyndon Steinmetz has the talent and motivation to create your home in the way you want without the hassle.

We believe that listening to our clients is the most important thing we can do to help them achieve their goals with their home design. Helping our clients through the process of choosing the style, colors, and type of home is the first step. Then we stay with the client through the entire process until they see if the result is what they want. We never leave until the job is done and the client is satisfied.

This home was featured in Montana Living

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This home was featured in Montana Living

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Elk Highlands Rustic

High Mountain Rustic


This home was featured in Montana Living

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Mountain Modern Lake Home

Iron Horse

Northern Lights Home

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Watch the media for updates on the Lyndon Steinmetz Design Studio. We are Montana’s answer to all of your home design needs. Got an idea? Let us know. We will help you draft the design and follow through with the home build to your specifications. That’s why people in the Kalispell, MT area and Northwest Montana come back time and time again to achieve their design goals.

Why do we do it? We love it. And that’s why we’re so good.

Visit us and fill out our form to learn more. You’re only one step away from starting the home you’ve always wanted.

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