Make Your Vacation Home Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Are you looking for ways to have a more sustainable home? You’re not alone! The desire for more eco-friendly home features is becoming more requested due to the environmental benefits. To make it simple, we have listed five ways to make your home more sustainable and energy-efficient. Read this list below and consider which features will best implement in your home.

1. Add Roof Solar Panels 

If you want to conserve lots of energy, adding roof solar panels to your home might be just the ticket. Once professionals have installed this feature on your home, the solar panels will be a renewable energy resource without causing potentially harmful pollutants to enter the atmosphere. Plus, solar panels will reduce your energy bill significantly, saving you money in upcoming months and years.

2. Purchase a Smart Home Thermostat 

A smart home thermostat is an essential home feature for many current mountain side house plans. This eco-friendly home feature is programmable and will connect to your phone for easy accessibility. The convenience will make it easy to ramp up the HVAC system just before arriving home. Plus, this technologically advanced thermostat will understand when you are at home and when you leave and adjusts the temperatures accordingly. With this factor considered, you will not be wasting energy with unneeded thermostat temperatures when you are not home.

3. Install New Appliances 

If your appliances are old, they may be a source of energy waste in your home. With this said, you must purchase and install new appliances to conserve energy. Not only will these appliances work better, but many modern ones have designs to be more energy-efficient. If this seems the best route for you and your home, focus on the kitchen appliances first to make the most impact. Examples of kitchen appliances to replace are the refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, and oven.

4. Buy an Air Purifier 

A sustainable home will typically include an air purifier. An air purifier will do just what it sounds like — purify the air. The feature will effectively rid your living spaces of all harmful mold and mildew that might grow in your home. Plus, an air purifier will get rid of dust. This feature is eco-friendly because it will trap the contaminants in the atmosphere and produce cleaner, more breathable air. An air purifier will also reduce the chances of illness for you and other loved ones in your home, making it a worthy investment.

5. Collect & Reuse Rainwater

Collecting and reusing rainwater at your home is an effective way to save on water consumption. To do this, purchase a rain barrel and place it at the optimal location to collect as much water as possible. After collecting the water, various things can be done, such as filling a pool, flushing a toilet, cleaning the home’s exterior, and watering the garden.

Do you still have questions about eco-friendly options for your home or want to explore mountain side house plans? Contact Lyndon Steinmetz Design Studio today and get professional answers to help you move forward!