What Are the Modern Mountain Home Trends for 2022?

Many people can’t help but explore the Internet for design ideas and inspiration when remodeling or designing their homes. One popular design style is modern mountain homes. What is that, and would designing modern mountain vacation homes be difficult? Find out with our guide to building a modern vacation home in the mountains. We hope this guide provides you with the inspiration needed.

What Are Modern Mountain Homes?

Whether you’re between the Pacific Northwest and the Appalachians or in another location looking to add a new style to your home, modern mountain homes incorporate all aspects of mountain living. This means having clean lines, wooden structures, timber ceilings, concrete over-sized fireplaces with floor-to-ceiling windows, architectural statement lighting, local stones, and a wide variety of inviting textures. Most will move this design outdoors by having a heated patio and seating with outdoor fire pits and grills.

But what defines this style? While these homes will have unique styles that vary, the overall design remains consistent: fresh spaces using local materials, a mix of wrought iron and stone and wood contrasted, and beautiful neutral color palettes. The primary aspect of achieving the modern mountain look is blurring the lines between creating an interior that looks natural and man-made.

Designing Modern Mountain Homes

Whether you’re interested in building a modern vacation home in the woods or designing a modern mountain home you just purchased, the goal remains to create a comfortable and energy-efficient interior that perfectly connects the interior with the outdoors. By creating a well-designed indoor-outdoor space, you’re creating a sense of togetherness with nature while being cogent with the different weather changes.

Modern Mountain Home Design Tips

Designing modern mountain homes doesn’t have to be stressful or difficult. Do you want a contemporary rustic or resort-style look? What’s the difference? With the former, think about stone fireplaces that you can’t miss when you walk into the room, chic furniture wrapped in rich wood fabrics, and bold patterns also found in the wool rugs and pillows. Wood-beamed ceilings and a heavy stone mantle on the fireplace perfectly create the mountain ambiance you’ve been looking for.

The resort-style design varies as it offers an open, airy feel, which is best suited for vacation homes — think Vail or Aspen. Recessed lighting and a central fireplace create an open and inviting environment for guests, while plush throws and pillows are a must-have in completing the cozy vibe homeowners enjoy.

Designing a Modern Kitchen

No design is complete without exploring your options for the kitchen, which could be fully functional with chic high-end appliances and stylish yet smart storage options. Nothing speaks luxury like stunning countertops and sitting or cooking on an oversized island. Creating a kitchen can get costly, so write your ideas down and explore different design ideas for inspiration.