Clever Places to Put a Reading Nook

From the avid reader to the casual reader, few things are more enjoyable and relaxing than cuddling up with a good book or story. Most of us have those places in our homes that we have created as our cozy reading corners, but how often do we think about reading nook ideas when designing our homes?

Fortunately, if you have or have not designed your home with a reading area, study, or other cozy reading corners, there are always places in the home that can be transformed. Here are a few creative reading nook design ideas for your next great read.

Reading Nook Ideas

Remember, when you are thinking about reading nook ideas, think quiet, uninterrupted, and smaller. We probably don’t want to set up a reading area in the living room, as cozy as that sounds, with the television, traffic, and potential for interruptions. Here are a few areas of the home that can make for quiet, cozy reading corners and are likely less-used areas of your home.


Even if your attic needs cleaning or additional lighting added, these are often one of the most infrequently visited and quietest rooms in the house. A small bookshelf, a small lounge chair, and some good reading light and you can transform your attic into the perfect reading nook.


Yes, this sounds like an absolute contradiction to earlier advice, but another look tells a different story. When the children are at school, during nap time, and when they are out playing or spending the night with friends is when most parents have their “free time.” That also means time to read, and what place is more cozy and quiet than our children’s play area when they aren’t there?

The Fireplace

It might be all the years of sociological programming, as we have grown up watching stories of people in rocking chairs reading books by the fire, but whatever it is, there is something that is just comfortable and right about reading by the fireplace. So, yes, if you have a fireplace in your home, then pull up a chair, start a fire, and start your next read.

Reading Nook Design Ideas

If you are building or designing your next home, don’t forget to include a reading area or two in your plans. Places in the home, such as under the stairwell or a sectioned-off garage or balcony space, can be ideal locations for designing a reading nook.

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