Read This Before You Start Living on Top of the World!

Read This Before You Start Living on Top of the World!

Living on a mountain can be a dream come true for many adventure seekers and nature lovers. The idea of waking up to breathtaking views, crisp mountain air, and endless opportunities for outdoor activities can be incredibly alluring. If you find yourself in Montana, where majestic mountain ranges line the landscape, you may be considering the possibility of making this dream a reality. However, before you take the leap and start living on top of the world, there are a few things you should consider.

1. Embrace the Isolation

Living on a mountain often means being far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. While this can be immensely captivating, it also comes with its own set of challenges. Before moving, ask yourself if you are comfortable with the isolation and the distance from towns and cities. Limited access to amenities and services may require careful planning and self-sufficiency. It is crucial to be prepared for potential difficulties in transportation, communication, and the availability of essential resources.

2. Prepare for the Weather

Living on a mountain means being exposed to a different climate than the surrounding areas. The weather can be dramatically different, with increased wind speeds, cooler temperatures, and heavier snowfall during winter. Make sure you are equipped with suitable clothing, gear, and a robust heating system to combat the harsh conditions. Additionally, be ready for potential power outages and plan accordingly.

3. Understand the Wildlife

Mountains are home to an array of unique wildlife species, and living among them means coexisting with these inhabitants. From majestic elk and deer to cunning predators like bears and mountain lions, you must be acquainted with the local wildlife and their behavior. Take necessary precautions to protect yourself, your pets, and your property. Familiarize yourself with the recommended practices for living alongside wildlife in order to foster a peaceful coexistence.

4. Seasonal Activities and Challenges

Living on a mountain brings diverse opportunities for outdoor activities, but it also presents seasonal challenges. During summer, you can indulge in hiking, camping, fishing, and biking. However, be prepared for the increased risk of wildfires during dry seasons, and ensure you are aware and compliant with local fire safety regulations. During winter, mountaintops may become inaccessible due to heavy snowfall, making winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding your new go-to activities. Keep in mind the need for proper equipment and be cautious about potential avalanches.

5. Medical and Emergency Services

One of the significant considerations when living remotely is the availability of medical and emergency services. In case of emergencies, it may take longer for paramedics and firefighters to reach you due to the distance and challenging terrain. Consider investing in a first aid kit, learning basic medical skills, and ensuring your property has accessible routes for emergency vehicles. Proximity to medical facilities should be carefully evaluated, and maintaining communication and emergency backup systems is crucial.

6. Building and Maintenance

Living on top of a mountain may require constructing or purchasing a home that can withstand the harsh environment. Proper architectural planning and building materials will ensure a sturdy and durable dwelling. Additionally, regular maintenance is essential to keep your property in good condition and prevent damage from weather-related factors. Consider the cost and effort that may be involved in maintaining your property given your specific location and accessibility.


Living on a mountain in Montana can be an extraordinary experience for those seeking a unique lifestyle. However, it is essential to fully understand the challenges and responsibilities that come with it. Prepare yourself mentally, physically, and logistically to adapt to the mountain environment. Do thorough research, seek advice from locals, and seek guidance from professionals in the area. By embracing the beauty and challenges of living on a mountain, you can create a fulfilling and rewarding life amidst breathtaking views and natural wonders.

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