Home Trends 2023: What’s In and Out in Home Design?

Close,up,view,of,two Story,house,construction,project,,architects,discussHome Trends 2023: What’s In and Out in Home Design?

As technology advances rapidly, it is important to keep up with the latest and greatest in home design trends. It is exciting to speculate what the future holds for home design in 2023. In this blog post, we will discuss what is in and out in home design by 2023.

In: Sustainable and eco-friendly design

Sustainability and eco-friendliness are here to stay. In the next few years, we can expect homeowners to look for ways to decrease their carbon footprint by having energy-efficient home appliances, using recycled materials in the construction of their homes, and utilizing eco-friendly materials in their home decor choices.

In: Multi-functional spaces

Multi-functional spaces that offer flexibility in rooms and furniture arrangements will continue to gain popularity. Homeowners are looking for ways to use their spaces effectively, and multi-functional spaces are an excellent solution. For example, a guest room with a Murphy bed that can be folded up against the wall to turn the room into a home office or workout area.

In: Authenticity in design

Authenticity is gaining popularity as people become more conscious of their choices and the impact those choices have on the world. Expect to see more individuality in home decor and an inclination towards unique, one-of-a-kind pieces rather than mass-produced, generic pieces. This means more emphasis on vintage or hand-made items rather than factory-produced items.

In: Smart home technology

Advancements in smart home technology have already made our homes more connected. By 2023, we can expect smart home technology to be even more widespread and sophisticated. From smart thermostats to lighting systems and home automation systems, homeowners will be able to control their homes from their smartphones and other digital devices.

Out: Granite countertops

Granite is no longer the go-to choice for kitchen countertops. In recent years, alternatives such as quartz and concrete have become increasingly popular. In 2023, we can expect homeowners to embrace even more varied materials like recycled glass, terrazzo, and porcelain.

Out: Stainless steel appliances

Stainless steel has been a staple in kitchen design for decades, but it’s starting to lose its appeal. In 2023, homeowners will opt for appliances in finishes that don’t show fingerprints, such as black or matte finishes. Additionally, we expect more appliances to have smart home connectivity and voice activation capabilities.

Out: Minimalism

Minimalism may have been popular in the past, but it’s falling out of favor. In 2023, expect homeowners to embrace maximalism, meaning more bold colors, pattern mixing, and eclectic home decor choices.

Out: Open floor plans

Open floor plans have been popular in home design for quite some time. However, in 2023, we can expect more people to crave defined spaces and rooms that offer privacy and separation. An open floor plan can make the home feel too big and not cozy enough.

In: Nature-inspired design

Expect to see more nature-inspired design in 2023. From earthy colors and natural materials like wood and stone to indoor plants and biophilic design elements, incorporating nature into our homes can promote feelings of calm and tranquility.

In: Bold colors

Bold colors, such as deep blues, greens, and reds, will be in style in 2023. With the shift towards maximalism, homeowners will be looking for ways to express their individuality through their home decor, and bold colors are an excellent way to do so.

In: Luxe finishes

Expect to see more luxe finishes in 2023, such as marble, brass, and velvet. As homeowners emphasize authenticity and unique pieces, they will be more willing to invest in high-end finishes and materials that will hold their value over time.

In: Grandmillennial design

Grandmillennial design is gaining traction among younger homeowners. It brings a mix of traditional and modern design styles, emphasizing nostalgia, comfort, and homey touches. Think antique furniture mixed with modern art and vintage-inspired wallpaper.

Final Thoughts

2023 will surely be a year of change in the home design industry. Sustainable and eco-friendly design, multi-functional spaces, authenticity, smart home technology, nature-inspired design, bold colors, luxe finishes, and grandmillennial design will all be in style. In contrast, granite countertops, stainless steel, minimalism, and open floor plans will be out. These trends are exciting, not only for homeowners but also for designers, architects, and contractors, who get a chance to experiment with new home design styles and materials. No matter what home design style you choose, keep in mind that the best design is one that reflects your personality and makes you feel right at home.