7 Must-Have Features for Your Vacation Home

Do you have an epic vacation home and want to vamp up the space for increased enjoyment, entertainment, and convenience? We’ve got you covered! There are seven must-have features to add to your vacation home: a functional mudroom, flexible bathroom, large kitchen space, bunk room area, primary guest space, beautiful outdoor area, and comforting guest room.

To implement these various features, you will need to contact the appropriate professionals, who can shed some light on the next steps, like creating modern mountain house plans. But before then, review this list and consider which feature is needed most in your vacation home!

1. A Functional Mudroom 

A vacation is the ultimate time to go outdoors and get some much-needed fresh air. With this said, you will likely track various outdoor debris in your vacation home, like snow, dirt, and sand. With a functional mudroom, you can take off all shoes and jackets to effectively keep the debris out of the indoor space.

2. A Flexible Bathroom 

A bathroom in a vacation home should be flexible for everyone to use. This statement means that the vacation home should have separate areas, blocked off with walls, for the toilets, sinks, and showers. This house plan can be convenient for those with many guests and limited space. Bathrooms are essential and required, and this space should not feel restricted or tiny in a vacation home!

3. A Large Kitchen Space

A large kitchen is a common addition to mountain-style house plans. This room should include lots of cabinetry to store food items and large countertop spaces for multiple people to prep food at once. Consult with a professional builder to see how your kitchen can expand. Typically, the kitchen project is complete with removed interior walls or an addition to increase square footage.

4. A Bunk Room Area 

A designated bunk room area will ensure that you have enough beds for the many guests that might gather at your vacation home. Professionals typically implement built-in bunk beds, which will help save space and improve the design of the vacation home.

5. A Primary Guest Space

A primary guest space can be helpful for those families who value individual privacy during vacations. This feature is usually an additional living space or bedroom that will implement comfortable seating and entertainment options to create the optimal area for guests to rewind and relax in peace.

6. A Beautiful Outdoor Area

Upgrade your outdoor area to spend valuable time with family and friends while enjoying the beautiful scenery. This feature can include a patio space with various relaxation elements like exterior chairs, an outdoor grill, and planters. Review different mountain style house plans to get some inspiration for these relaxation elements.

7. A Comforting Guest Room

If you host guests at your vacation home, you should ensure these individuals are as comfy as possible. For optimal comfort, guarantee you have adequate storage space and large beds. This specific bedroom will uplift guests’ vacation experience and have them appreciate your hospitality.

Don’t wait any longer to enhance your vacation home! Reach out to Lyndon Steinmetz Design Studio to review modern mountain house plans and receive a consultation about adding these design features to your next mountainous vacation home!